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Fast Broadband from timetalk
For sales enquiries call
01282 684498

About timetalk


timetalk is an Internet Service Provider whose mission is to deliver services to our customers at the lowest possible prices. We pride ourselves on offering value for money and delivering excellent customer support from UK only call centres.

We may be relatively new to the UK consumer market, but our management has a wealth of experience, having been involved in managing Internet Service Providers for over 14 years. It may not sound like much, but in this industry that's a long time.

timetalk is able to offer broadband services suitable for the needs of our customers, from occasional web browsing and email to intensive gaming and online media users. With attractive calling plans and line rental, we are able to provide packages for all your telephone and Internet needs.

All timetalk services are provided over the BT network. We want your business and we go that extra mile to make switching to timetalk as easy and as cost efficient as possible.

timetalk Technical Support
Tel : 0845 1294431

Mon-Fri : 9am - 8pm
Sat : 9am - 3pm
timetalk Customer Service
Tel : 0845 1294432

Mon-Fri : 8.30am - 5.30pm


Totalcare Support Centre
Time Technology Park
Blackburn Road
Burnley, Lancashire
BB12 7TW

timetalk is a trading name of Supatel Ltd.
A company incorporated in Cyprus under company number HE267725
Registered address: STADYL Building, Corner Them.
Dervis-Florinis Street, CY-1065 Nicosia, Cyprus
VAT Number - 10267725T