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Advanced Call features
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£2.79 per month


Advanced Features

Feature Name
Call Return (1471)
£0.00 per month
Find out who called you last and have the option to call them back.
Number Withholding 141/1470
£0.00 per month
Prevent your phone number being released to whoever you are calling; this can be done per call or for all calls from your number.
Voicemail 1571
£0.00 per month
A standard message that diverts incoming calls when there is no reply, to a voice bank where the caller can leave a message. Messages can only be accessed from your phone.
Call Diversion
£1.75 per month
Divert your calls to another number; either when your line is busy or you are not there to answer. Calls can be diverted anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or to a mobile phone.
Call Waiting
£1.75 per month
Call Waiting notifies you that someone else is calling. It is possible to finish your original call, swap between calls or continue with your current call, advising the new caller to ring back later.
Display Caller Number
£1.75 per month
Lets you know who is calling. Can be used to screen calls and help you tailor responses to customers. (Compatible display handset required, not supplied)
Ring Back
£1.75 per month
Fed up listening to engaged tones? The Ring Back feature will keep trying the number for you, so you don't have to.
Three Way Calling
£1.75 per month
Speak to two other people at the same time, even if one is abroad. You can include or exclude either person at anytime during the call.
Call Sign
£1.75 per month
Allows you to have two different phone numbers on a single line, each with different ring tones, so you'll know which number was dialed. Particularly useful if you occasionally work from home and want to differentiate between personal and business calls.
Choose to Refuse
£3.35 per month
Lets you bar the telephone number of the last answered call and up to 9 other additional numbers.
Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)
£3.80 per month
Block all calls from people who have withheld their number.
Reminder Call
£1.85 per month
Use your phone as an alarm clock by setting it to call you at specified times.
Call Messaging
£3.95 per month
Enables callers to leave messages if you can't answer their call, stores up to 30 messages. Make it personal and record your own greeting message. Call Messaging can be accessed remotely to retrieve messages or change service options.
Call Messaging 3+6
£4.95 per month
Messaging Extensions allows you to set up between 3 and 9 mailboxes; these can be assigned to individual family members. Each mailbox features the ability to skip forward and backward through stored messages.