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Broadband FAQs

I have got the connection kit but I am having trouble with the installation of timetalk broadband. What
should I do?

Your timetalk master username and broadband username are different. Your broadband username is similar to your master username, but with an additional three digits.

For example, Master Account = myaccount and Broadband Account = myaccount831.

It could be that you are trying to connect using your timetalk master username, when you should be using your broadband username.

How many computers can be connected to timetalk's broadband connection?

Up to four computer devices can be connected to the timetalk broadband router, but more can be added if you prefer by using a wireless connection.

Can I still use my telephone line while I am connected to the internet via timetalk broadband?

You can still make and receive telephone calls, faxes and even access the internet via a dial-up internet connection from another PC, while you are connected to timetalk broadband. You will be connected using the telephone number you receive your broadband on.

Can I keep the same email address?

No. Your email account (that is provided by your current Internet Service Provider (ISP)) may be stopped when your broadband supplier switches off your connection, because you are switching suppliers.

Although, timetalk will provide you with a new email address for your new email account. This email address will then remain the same,regardless of what computer devise you choose to access your email account on.

What happens to my broadband connection if I move to another residence?

If you are moving house and your new location can receive broadband connectivity, then your current contract can be terminated and re-activated once you have moved to your new location.

timetalk will then sign you up for an 18-month contract, and send a request to BT to enable a broadband connection to be available at your new home.

How do I contact timetalk broadband support?

Please see the Contact Us section, where all of our contact details are provided.