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Fast Broadband from timetalk

Fibre Broadband


Do you want to experience download speeds of up to 40Mb? Well now you can with timetalk's Fibre Broadband...


timetalk's Fibre Broadband uses the latest developments in fibre optic broadband technology to deliver the fastest available broadband speeds to you. Instead of sending signals through your standard copper wires (as ADSL currently is) the signals are sent through a glass network, quite literally at the speed of light enabling us to offer you a faster surfing experience.

Whether you're a single PC user or have 5 internet enabled devices in your home we can guarantee that your surfing experience will improve dramatically with the new fibre optic technology.

As the fibre optic technology is still relatively new we are only able to offer it in certain areas of the UK. Call one of our UK based qualified consultants to find out more.

Fibre Broadband Deals