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How the Internet Booster works?


The Internet Booster takes advantage of your home's existing electrical wires to simultaneously transfer data while transferring power. This means you have the powerline solution for quickly and easily networking PCs and other network-compatible devices, such as a gaming console or set-top box. With home-plug AV technology, users can get speed of 200Mbps on a line length of 300 metres, ideal for enjoying HD video streaming, online gaming or any other bandwidth intensive tasks for work or play.

Smart Router TC318mi and Internet Booster
£5.99 per month + £12 deposit
Smart Router TC5815mi and Internet Booster
£7.99 per month
Smart Router TC5812mi and Internet Booster
£8.49 per month
Smart Router TC5863mi and Internet Booster
£9.99 per month


Extend Internet access through out your home
No need to install or configure the device - simply plug it in
The device is small and discreet
Use power saving mode to reduce energy consumption

Poor internet speeds in certain areas of your home? Upstairs? In your new loft conversion?


The Booster Powerline Network Adapter Kit is a discreet plug-in apparatus that when paired with the TC318mi or the TC5815mi Smart Router can achieve a speed of up to150MB in areas of your home that have previously suffered from poor internet speeds.


Struggling to get a strong wireless signal due to thick walls in your home?


When you pair the Booster Powerline Network Adapter Kit with the TC5812 or the TC5863 Smart Router your internet signal can be enhanced through thick walls, enabling you to use the internet in areas of your home that were previously not reachable.


Internet Booster


The Booster adapter can be paired with your existing router in order for you to enhance your internet signal throughout your home.


Contact us now to see if your existing router is compatible.