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No loss in broadband speed despite how many laptops, smart phones,
i-pads and tablets are in use... why compromise?

Think Smart. Buy Smart!

What is the Smart Router?

The Smart Router is based on latest technology that allows you to take full advantage of your internet in terms of speed, reliability and extra features.

The Smart Router is exclusively available to timetalk customers. It has been developed using the very latest wireless technology and has been specially optimised with your current timetalk internet, to provide enhanced performance, speed and ease of use.

We can automatically set up your Smart Router (Wi-Fi Router) remotely, so you don't have to do anything apart from surfing the internet.



£29.99 OR 99p per month


£49.99 OR £1.99 per month


£69.99 OR £3.99 per month


£99.99 OR £4.99 per month

Automated router set up
Improved wifi speeds
Power efficient
Better security
Increased internet coverage
Share films / music    
Printer sharing    
Watch international TV    
Cheaper calls      
Automated parental control  
Faster online game speeds      
Transfer a 700mb file between a PC and a laptop in another room 8 mins
53 sec
6 mins
20 sec
5 mins
56 sec
3 mins
05 sec

How it works

The following diagram explains how the Smart Router works and how you can benefit from the latest in router technology:


What you receive inside the Smart Router Box:

When you receive the Smart Router, you'll receive the following items:

  • Smart Router and power supply
  • That's it, no CD install, no instructions, this is all you need. Just plug it into the wall and our technicians will automatically setup everything for you remotely.

How do I get the Smart Router?

The Smart Router is available to new and existing timetalk customers, and is designed to work best with our fast broadband services.

Set up and surf
Just plug in and start surfing, we will take care of the technical settings for you.
Improved wifi speeds
See a massive increase in speed and stability when using your notebook, tablet or smart phone over your WiFi - no more buffering!
Power efficient
These smart routers use less power resulting in savings in your electricity bill.
Better security
Block anyone else from connecting and misusing your wireless signal.
Increased internet coverage
You can now take your notebook into the garden on a sunny day and stream YouTube Cat Videos or watch Eastenders.
Share films / music
Simply plug your USB pen drive into the router and all your PCs / Notebooks can share your files and stream films.
Printer Sharing
This will allow any of your PC's to share just one printer in your house, saving £££'s and wasted ink and paper.
Watch international TV
We can make your internet pretend to be from any country you want so you can now stream the latest TV shows / trailers from the UK without being blocked.
Cheaper calls
Simply plug in your home phone into the router and benefit from cheap national / international calls from 1p.
Parental control
Block any device or all devices at home from accessing any websites at your defined times. We can automatically block every known porn site, gaming site or movie download site from any PC / Notebook you require. Unlike other free software that can be easily cracked, this is a permanent block.
Pingless gaming
We optimise the router with the top games allowing you to reach your natural gaming potential without getting frustrated at the massive lag.

Parental Control

Full Parental Controls auto-set by timetalk and controlled by you:

  • Set up specific times and dates when your children can access the internet with just the click of a
  • Limit access to social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter during school days.
  • timetalk will automatically add and update a "blacklist" of adult / spam and harmful sites to your router.
  • Create a "white list" of educational sites that you control.
  • Feel confident that your children are safe when using the Smart Router.

Block access to popular social media sites like Facebook, YouTube during homework nights, Fully block any adult / spam and harmful sites.

Different control settings for different laptops and notebooks in the house

Children's Notebook

Social sites like Facebook, YouTube etc. can be blocked after
9.00 pm on school days.

On weekends, children can access social sites until 11.30 pm.

Block all adult sites.

Block all shopping sites

Parent's Laptop

This laptop can be allowed to surf any site at any time without

Shared Printer

Benefits of a shared home printer:

  • Any PC connected to the Smart Router can print from the shared printer.
  • Reduce the need for expensive cartridges as you only need to share and use one printer.
  • Shared printer allows more space in your home, requires less cables and is easier to manage.
  • Plug and play, simply plug the printer into the USB port and start using it.
  • Print from anywhere you want, using any device (iPhone, Notebook etc.)
  • Compatible with any type of printer with an USB port.

Shared Printer

Shared Pen Drive

Benefits of using a Shared Pen Drive (Storage Device):

  • Plug in any USB Storage Device into the SupaHub and any PC on the shared network can see all the
    media files and even stream or copy them.
  • Stream shared files to any PC in the house or the garden.
  • Watch films/TV shows from the pen drive to any PC/Notebook/iPhone.
  • Share any type of file (Word Doc, Excel, MP#, AVI) on the network.
  • You can also create a shared folder, example for children's homework, so you can check if they have
    completed the homework or not.
  • Plug and Play, simply plug in and it will be ready to use.

USB Pen Drive can store
Music collection
Homework (for checking)
Family pictures (Backup)
Home movies (Stream)
Cooking recipes