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What is Broadband?


Previously, the internet was commonly accessed through an analogue modem which would gain maximum speed of 56Kb per second which would often restrict the usage of your phone line making it impossible to surf the internet and leave your phone line available for incoming or outgoing calls. At this stage, the only other solution was to have more than one phone line in your household which often resulted in extra costs.

Broadband or the ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology not only made it possible to access the internet and make phone calls at the same time but also allowed users to browse the internet with an enhanced speed.

OFCOM , the telecommunication regulator and many industry leaders, such as BT recognised the need to make Broadband more accessible to the typical household. An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology is based on a simple logic, ADSL means that the spare capacity on the phone line is converted into a digital line. This allows data to be transferred at increased speeds and allows the consumer to make phone calls whilst surfing.

If you compare speeds, analogue phone line dial-up connections work at a maximum speed of 56Kb/sec where ADSL works at a speed between 512Kb/sec and 8Mb/sec. It may go up to 140 times faster than the phone line internet connection.